Preschool Gymnastics Class

Pre-School Gymnastics

Our Pre-School Gymnastics Program is for children age 3 – 4. This class is designed for tots who are able to be in a class independent of their parents. Utilizing the same routine as our Toddler class, children will learn balance, coordination and strength while maneuvering through more challenging circuits. During this class we will go over various basic gymnastics movements and introduce organizational and social skills such as cooperation, listening and following directions. Our preschoolers have their own gym designed for little ones!

Ages 3-4 years old | class duration: 45 minutes

Class Ages Monday Wednesday Cost Notes
Preschool 3-4 years 5:00-5:45 9:15-10:00
$130 Boys & Girls

Toddler Gymnastics

Our Toddler Gymnastics Class is a parent-tot class for walking toddlers through 3 years old. Together, you and your toddler will learn the fundamentals of movement, basic gymnastics body positions and skills using the gym’s fun filled movement stations specifically designed for your toddler. As you and your child go through each station with your group instructor, we will teach you proper spotting techniques and talk about movement goals. A group activity will conclude this fun parent-tot class.

Ages: walking – Age 3 | class duration: 45 minutes

Class Ages Monday Wednesday Cost Notes
Toddler Walking-3 Years 5:00-5:45 9:00-9:45 $115 Parent Participation Required

Registration Fees

Take a second class and receive 25% Off the session price of the least expensive class!

Sibling Discount 10%. Payment due in full by June 19th.

All students are subject to our annual registration fee of $35.
For 1st child, $25 for 2nd, $60 per family.


7 Week Session: June 26-August 16. Closed July 3-7.

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