After School Club

Give your child a great fitness-based after-school activity

The After School Club is a fitness-based program that creatively combines gymnastics, physical activity, and play. The Coaches’ goal is to develop self esteem: the confidence in one’s abilities.  Socializing and playing with peers will help prepare children to engage in all future activities mentally and physically.  Mentally through physical activity, children will learn to motivate themsleves and perform in highly emotional situations.  Physically, the gymNation environment may help maintain healthy bones, build lean muscle, and may prevent future chronic diseases.

Our Fitness-based After School Program will provide children with physical activity in a safe and fun environment. Emphasis will be on learning and /or improving gymnastic skills as well as a focus on general fitness. Children have homework help by our qualified staff.  Grades K-5.


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gymNation is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment.  Our goal is to promote a lifelong love of physical activity and education.