Spring Fling 2019

Join Us For The Spring Fling Invitational 2019

Sanctioned Levels 2-10
All Xcel Levels
Unsanctioned Levels 1-3
& Xcel Bronze
$200 Deposit By 9/1/18      Scratch/Level Changes By 1/15/19  after $25. for each change
$105 Gymnast/$45 Team
$95 Non Sanctioned

Tentative Schedule:

Saturday March 9, 2019

Session 1 Sanctioned Levels 2 & 3 Check In 8:00am  Warm up 8:15  Meet 8:45

Session 2 Sanctioned Levels 4 & 5  Check In 12:00pm  Warm Up 12:15  Meet 12:45

Session 3 Sanctioned Levels 6-9, Xcel Gold, Plat.,Diamond  Check In 4:00pm Warm Up 4:15 Meet 4:15

Sunday March 10th

Sanctioned Xcel Bronze & Silver  Check In 8:15am  Warm Up  8:30  Meet 9:00

UNSANCTIONED Levels 1,2, Xcel Bronze & Silver  Check In 12:15pm  Warm Up 12:30  Meet 1:00



1 Day Pass  Adults $15. Children ages 5-17 $8. Seniors 65+ $8. Family of 3 or more $35. Kids under 5 years are Free.

2 Day Pass  Adults $20. Child/Senior $10. Family $40.


We can’t wait for you to join us for another memorable meet! Please email cdickinson@gymnationsport.com or give us a call with any questions at (207) 605-6525.

Intensive Training Camp 2019

Come Train Like a Champion With Us This Summer!


Intensive Training Camp 2019
August 19-23th | 9:00-4:00

At this year’s ITC we plan on bringing your gymnast an intensely challenging an fun camp experience. Camp days will be jammed packed with drills and progressions to skill build as athletes prepare for the next competitive season. The “fun” will come from the challenge of pushing themselves physically and mentally as they work towards new goals. Campers will be grouped by level to ensure a safe and successful training experience. Guest coaches with strong gymnastics backgrounds will be in residence during the week as well as gymNation’s competitive staff. Campers will build camaraderie as they work together to prepare for an exhibition on the last day of camp for family and friends.

Special campers awards will be given out at the exhibition on Friday. Female campers will receive an ITC leotard and male campers will receive an ITC T-shirt.  ITC is designed for both the recreational and competitive gymnast who is passionate about gymnastics! Ages 6 & older.


ITC Staff

Visiting Coaches Lawrence “LB” Belk and Jason Passeri!


COST: $395. per gymnast
(20% sibling discount)
Non-refundable deposit of $205 due
June 1st. Balance due July 9th.
For more information please
contact: 207-602-6525
Join us for a fun filled week of
gymnastics at ITC!

gymNation Saco Fit & Learn

Coming to gymNation Saco in Fall 2018!

You’ll Enjoy…

  • Fitness-based: gymnastics,
    yoga, music & movement
  • Play encouraged:
    fun, engaging activities
  • Qualified, loving staff
  • Flexible scheduling to meet your needs

Program Options

4 Year Olds 3 Year Olds 2 Year Olds Monthly Pricing
Mon/Wed/Fri Tue/Thu Tue/Thu 2 days $225
Monday-Friday Mon/Wed/Fri Tue/Thu/Fri 3 days $310
8:30am-11:30am Monday – Friday 8:30am-11:30am 5 days $510

Before Care (7:30am-8:30am), Lunch Bunch (11:30am-1:00pm)
Extended Day (1:00pm-3:00pm or 1:00-5:30pm) also available.
BC $8 per day| LB $10 per day |ED – 3:00 $15 per day| ED – 5:30 $30 per day*
*Discount available for consistent Extended Day needs.
$100.00 supply/registration fee due at time of enrollment.

Contact Heather at hdgymnation@outlook.com or call (207) 292-8006.

Educational Programs

nursery-2We have programs from Nursery School to Begindergarten to After School Programs and is Maine’s only fitness-based edcuation program! Be sure to get more information on the program that fits you best.  Call us with any questions!

Tiny Stars Nursery School is a fitness- based learning program that combines preschool education and nutritional lessons with a forty-five minute gymnastics class. Each day in Tiny Stars, we will focus on a number of educational themes including art, language arts, science, mathematics, music and creative expression, allowing your child to receive a well rounded experience that will help prepare him/her for school socially, mentally, and physically.

Bright Stars Begindergarten is designed for the child who needs or is ready for a more accelerated class. Children will work on letter recognition, upper and lower case letter formation, letter sounds, reading readiness, sight words, writing and math concepts including number recognition, counting, skip counting, forming numbers, basic addition, patterns and measurements. Children will also have many opportunities for creative play when appropriate. The program includes 45 minutes-1 hour daily of fitness (gymnastics, ball sports, creative movement, etc.)

After School Club – Our Fitness-based After School Program will provide children with physical activity in a safe and fun environment. Emphasis will be on learning and /or improving gymnastic skills as well as a focus on general fitness. Your child will have time to finish or have help by one of our teachers with their homework. Grades K-8.

Kennebunk Facility Progress

Join Co-Founders Carol Dickinson and Brenda Plante as they check in on the ongoing work-in-progress at the new gymNation Kennebunk location. We are so excited about this new space!

The refurbished building will house plenty of room for offices, 4 classrooms, kitchen area, gymnastics, taekwondo and yoga studio, and much more!



We have programs from preschool classes to national level competitive team programs.  Be sure to get more information on the program that fits you best.  Call us with any questions!


Visit the Schedule page to download our up to date Gymnastics Schedule.

Programs Breakdown

If you would like private lessons, feel free to ask! Our staff is flexible and will work to facilitate your requests!

Boys Teams


These young men embrace challenges, training under guidelines of future stars and junior elite technical sequences. They compete on a national level and set the benchmark of Junior Olympic gymnastics in Maine and Region 6.


Judge/Coach Jack Strum is a lifelong patron of gymNation. He brings an abundance of technical knowledge. Outside of practice, much of his time is spent judging and training/coaching CrossFit. He can be reached at Coach.j.Strum@gmail.com


For the Competitive Gymnastics Schedule, visit the Schedule Page.

Competitive Gymnastics


For the Competitive Gymnastics Schedule, visit the Schedule Page.

The Junior Olympic Competitive Program

The Junior Olympic program caters to those gymnasts who live, eat and breathe gymnastics. In the JO program we start competing at level 2 and progress numerically up to level 10. All gymnasts in levels 2, 3, 4 and 5 will be judged on the exact same routine. Their technique and attention to detail will be highly scrutinized by professional certified gymnastics judges. These compulsory levels have been designed from level 5 down to level 1 (yes in reverse order) to facilitate the progression toward a basic foundation from which gymnasts can safely and easily transition into the Optional levels (levels 6-10). In these levels the children will be performing their own individually designed routines that meet each level’s requirements. The requirements get progressively harder and gymnasts are judged not only on their technique, but their artistry and diversity of skills.

The Xcel Competitive Program

This program is for athletes who play more than one sport. Xcel levels are Bronze (XB), Silver (XS), Gold (XG), Platinum (XP) and Diamond (XD). Xcel athletes will only ever practice two times per week and are encouraged to participate in other sports. Each level in the Xcel program has specific requirements that must be met doing an optional routine. (Our gymnasts may be performing the same routine, but no other gyms will have the same routine.) The skills will still need to be performed with proper technique and good form (straight arms and legs and pointed toes), but the judging is less strict than in the JO program.


For Girls Team the process of moving from one level to the next is done by first, scoring out of the current level. Gymnasts must score 31.00 at levels 2 through 7, XB, XS, XG and 34.00 for levels 8, 9 and XP. The second part is being able to perform all of the skills needed for the next level. The third part is conditioning and flexibility testing. As the gymnast performs more complex skills it is important that their overall fitness improves to maintain their health and safety. Finally their work ethic and maturity must also be appropriate for the upcoming level.

Competitive Team Financial Policies

Program Withdrawal

If you are considering withdrawing from the competitive program prior to your yearly commitment (July 1-June 30th) Please schedule a meeting with your child’s coach. We also must receive a written notice of withdrawal on or before the 15th of the month prior to withdrawal. If we do not receive written notice on or before the 15th, tuition for the next month will be charged.

Program Refunds

NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS for competitive fees will be provided after September 1st.


Our team program is based on a year round commitment from the gymnast and their family. Tuition will only be adjusted in the event of an injury or extended illness. There are no make ups for missed practices. Practices cancelled due to inclement weather will try to be re-scheduled but not guaranteed.

Meet Fee Assessment

The Meet Fee Assessment is an annually calculated lump sum that covers the cost, for gymNation, of your child attending competitions. These costs are in addition to tuition. Your meet assessment is determined by estimating meet entry fees, coaches’ fees and mileage. The Meet Fee Assessment varies and is based on level because different levels attend a different number of competitions and each entry fee, mileage and number of coaches needed to attend specific meets varies. Meet assessment fees are due on the 15th of the month beginning in August. The fees will average $300 per month with XB owing 1 payment, Level 2 and XS owing 2 payments, XG, XP, XD owing 3 payments and levels 3-9 owing 4 payments.

The specific schedule for a competition is often not known until two weeks prior. Please keep the entire weekend available. Parents should not contact the host gym regarding session times.

Tuition Adjustments

We offer a few different tuition adjustments (below). You must notify the office in writing by the 15th of the month prior in order to receive an adjustment. After the 15th of the month the following month’s tuition payment is non-refundable.

Team Member Reserve Rate

If a competitive team gymnast is going to miss an entire month (i.e. July or August or 4 consecutive weeks) of workouts during the summer, you may choose to receive a 50% Reduction on your child’s tuition to reserve your child’s spot in the program. You must notify the office in writing to receive the reduced rate. (Optional gymnasts who miss an entire month of practice will have their level re-evaluated, upon their return, for their upcoming competitive season).

Injury Rate

Competitive gymnasts who are injured and will be required to limit their participation for a month (or more) may receive a 50% reduction (or more) on their tuition rate based on the discretion of the coaching staff. Parents must meet with the coaching staff to discuss extended absences and physical limitations due to an injury. The office must then be notified to receive the tuition adjustment.

Your Family’s Commitment

The decision to become a gymNation competitive gymnast is a challenging one. Your family’s time and financial commitments are something to think about.

Uniform – Levels 2, 3 and XB compete in a tank leotard – approx $70

All other JO levels will need the tank leo – $70, a long sleeve competition leo – $190 and a warm up suit $190. (Prices are all approximate.)

All other Xcel levels will need a long sleeve competition leo $140 and Black leggings ($30).

Jacket $60 level 3+ XS/XG/XP/XD optional levels 2/XB
Back Pack $20 not required

Uniforms will need to be paid for in July.

Parents’ Role

The parents’ role in your child’s success in gymnastics is very important. The commitment you make is just as great as your child’s. The hardest task facing a gymnast’s parent is providing the right amount of support. Getting too involved or not enough can put undue stress on your child. Leave the coaching to the coaches. Be positive in your comments on attitude, behavior and work habits. Encourage improvement, hard work and perseverance. Most of all get your gymnast to practices regularly and on time. A parent observing practice on a regular basis is not encouraged. You can watch occasionally or come in early near the end of practice. Then the progress your child is making will be more evident verses the corrections made on a daily basis. We do encourage you to talk to your child about practice and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to talk to their coach or myself.

In closing, we understand what a tough decision this can be. Please keep in mind that beyond the physical and mental discipline your child will continue to develop, there are lifelong friendships to be found in this sport. The maturity it takes to expect 100% from themselves and their teammates, learning to perform under pressure for the sake of the team, staying positive in the face of disappointment and summoning emotional strength to encourage other teammates in need.

Gym & Swim with gymNation and Michael Phelps Skill Center

Beginning June 28th on Wednesdays!

On Wednesdays beginning June 28th, You and your child can join us for a 7-Week session through August 16th.

From 9-9:45am join our experienced gymnastic coaches for a hands on session using some of the equipment in the gym and helping your child learn some basic coordination and motor skills.

Then at 10-10:45am walk down the hall to the Michael Phelps Skill Center and have your child get familiar with the water and lay a foundation for proper swimming technique.

This Gym & Swim Program is for children ages 1-3 and students must be accompanied by adult/parent.

Michael Phelps Skill Center offers your child the Best in swimming! Small class ratios of 4:1, warm water pools, professional instructors, swim school memberships, and each pool has its own 55 inch monitor for parents viewing!


Please register by calling gymNation 207-602-6525 or using the form below.

All participants must sign a release form for both gymNation and The Michael Phelps Skill Center.

7 Week session June 28- August 16

Cost $189. $30 Per day drop in fee.


  • Registration

  • Waiver

  • Please read this Release Form carefully and sign as indicated.

    As legal guardian of the child named on this form, I hereby consent for him/her to participate in gymnastics activities conducted by Kennebunk Gymnastics & Sport, Inc. I fully understand and recognize that any activity involving motion, height or rotation may cause serious accidental injury and even death. As a condition of accepting my child, I hereby forever release Kennebunk Gymnastics & Sport, Inc., its owners and employees from all liability for any and all damages and injuries suffered in connection with Early Release at Kennebunk Gymnastics & Sport, Inc. DBA gymNation.

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY